“Mike showed up and made waves this weekend in both singles and doubles at SSC2017. In singles, Mike breezed through his Round 1, defeating every opponent 2-0 without a care in the world. However, Round 2 proved to be more of a challenge. After beating Reno, Mike lost 2-0 to Kirbykaze, and was sent to Losers. He had to fight against Liquid’s Chillindude to move forward and did so, taking the set 2-1. Unfortunately, Mike lost to Ginger on the cusp of Top 24, ending the weekend at 33rd in singles. Doubles however, was a different story. Mike and his partner, Swedish Delight, had a relatively easy Round 1, before they were beaten by Darktooth and Codi, sending them into Losers Round 2. However, this didn’t deter them from pressing on, as they made an impressive run through Phase 2, besting MacD and KirbyKaze right at the end to make it to Top 8. After beating Crush and Colbol to make it to Top 4, they were finally stopped by Axe and Westballz, earning an incredibly well-deserved 4th place victory. Mike’s Fox is only getting better and better, and the more we see of him, the more we hope he continues to give us all he’s got.”

“Ramin put on an excellent showing this weekend at Super Smash Con 2017. Placing 4th out of 1531 entrants, Mr.R showed viewers the raw power and finesse of Sheik, lauded as being one of the most technical and demanding characters in Smash 4. In singles, Ramin breezed through his Phase 1 pools, beating every single opponent in his path 2-0, and in second phase pools, only dropped a single game to Ridea. Ramin nearly had his run cut short by Dyr, but clutched out the victory in game 5. He then faced his bracket demon, Zero, nearly winning against the Smash 4 god, but Ramin lost and was sent to Losers. His run in Losers pitted him against Mistake, an up and coming Bayo main, beating him 3-1. Mr.R’s run was finally stopped by Nairo, who beat him 3-1 after a long set of close, tense games. Mr.R continues to prove he is the best Sheik in the world, and we look forward to seeing where he takes us in his next tournament run.”

“HoneyBee continues to show his mastery and skill in Injustice 2 this weekend, as his Flash took him to a decisive 7th place victory at Summer Jam XI. Tim took his pools by storm, making it into Winner’s Top 32 with ease. After a rough second game against Burrito Voorhees, HoneyBee showed he had no problems with adversity and ran back the next two games to take the series. He then played an incredibly close game against Scar, losing 3-2 in the end. After running back a 2-1 deficit and taking the series 3-2 over Lord Pnut, Honeybee’s run was ended in a rough 0-3 by Noble’s own Iluusions. Despite the 7th place finish, Honeybee has shown he is a serious contender at any Injustice 2 tournament that he attends. In the coming weeks, HoneyBee will be taking it back to the lab to add a new character to his lineup.”

This was the first weekend all of our players were competing at the same time, which is a milestone for us as an org. As we continue to grow you can anticipate these recaps to get bigger and bigger! We shot some great video content this weekend at SSC, so expect to check that out shortly. As usual, keep your eyes peeled here as we have more announcements coming soon! #makewaves


written by Aaron @”truebluea101″ Scherr