The one thing we can’t shake though, is the amount of people who are confused as to what our logo is; some people asked if it was a snail, feather, hearing aid, or even toothpaste!

We decided that now is the time to rebrand our logo into something more recognizable and iconic, and to convert our existing logo into a “retro” design.

To celebrate this new logo we’re launching a giveaway where you can win a PS4, a silver controller, and some new beastcoast merch!

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— beastcoast (@beastcoastgg) August 26, 2017

Our new logo will replace our old logo in all outlets and in our press kit over the next few days.

Some new merch will also be coming out at our Design By Humans store, so definitely check it out!

We’ve got some more news coming in the next few weeks, so stay tuned!

Keep making waves!

(new logo created by our design and merch master @TheBase16)