It is with heavy hearts we announce that beastcoast has released Sam “breezy” Lassila from our Rainbow Six Siege team. We understand that this decision seems highly unusual, considering that we signed our team recently. The team’s members and management felt like a change needed to be made to increase the team’s performance, and to give themselves the best chance at qualifying for the next season of Rainbow Six’s Pro League. This is not a decision that was made lightly, and we wish the best to Sam in his future endeavors. In accordance with his contract, Sam will receive his full payment for the month of February, and his buyout clause is void along with the rest of his contract. He will be free to pursue other options with teams in the Rainbow Six Siege pro scene.

With Sam departing the organization, we’re happy to welcome Jeffrey “EvLWaffle” Haworth as our new player. Some may recognize Jeff from his time alongside Davide “FoxA” Bucci at Northern Arena’s Rainbow Six Canadian Circuit, where the two were instrumental in Team Canada’s victory over SetToDestroyX. Jeff’s clutch plays on LAN seriously impressive, and we’re very excited to begin working together on our journey to qualify for the next season of Pro League.

EvLWaffle will be joining our Rainbow Six Siege roster (Photo: Sébastien Morin, Northern Arena)

“First, I would like to thank the team and beastcoast for this opportunity, as this is my first official team. That being said, I’m excited to see what we can achieve while also proving my worth in the competitive scene.”

Jeffrey “EvLWaffle” Haworth

EvLWaffle (second from left) and FoxA (center) celebrate their Canadian Circuit win (Photo: Sébastien Morin, Northern Arena)

Finally, we have also decided to add Thomas “Robn” Linden as the team’s coach. Thomas has already begun working with the team to develop new strategies and refine their current practice habits, and we’re looking forward to seeing what he and the rest of the team come up with for their official matches.


“I’ve been a fan of Reckless for the longest time because of their reputation for having an unusual playstyle in Challenger League. I plan on nurturing their creativity and bring it to new heights in the months ahead of us. I am extremely set on making sure that this team qualifies for Pro League and becomes a force to be reckoned with internationally. I don’t want people reading this to think I’m cocky, but I know that this team is going to go far – and if our future competitors are reading this, I want to tell them that they better be ready, because we sure as hell won’t go easy on them. I also want to give a big thank you to the roster and beastcoast for taking a chance with me as their new coach. I’m ready to make some waves!”

Thomas “Robn” Linden


“Making roster changes is my least favorite part of this job. While I’m sad that we ended up releasing Sam from the team, I’m confident that he will find a new team and prove himself in the future. That said, after speaking to Jeff I’m confident that he is what this team needs to improve and grow in the coming months as the team prepares to compete in this season of Challenger League. Not only is he a clutch player with an intense desire to prove himself, he is also well-spoken and great to talk to about baguettes. I also feel that Thomas is a great fit for the team. His scouting and analytical skills will be hugely beneficial to our players so that they can focus on playing their best. I believe that coaches are crucial to the success of teams in any esport, and we’re lucky to have both Jeff and Thomas as part of the beastcoast team.”

Cameron “turbo” Regan, General Manager