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SevenS1ns joins the beastcoast stream team

Next in our new stream team lineup is SevenS1ns, who is at the forefront of the Dutch speedrunning community. He is a true entertainer, and a master of Final Fantasy games and various other RPGs. So much so that he chose to attempt and complete a marathon Final Fantasy VII run with several bizarre rules: he could only use Cloud, he wasn’t allowed to save, and he wasn’t allowed to use any major glitches. He completed the run, after many attempts, in 13:01:19.25. SevenS1ns also holds 6th place in one of the most competitive Final Fantasy VII categories, Any% No Slots. His viewers love his positive attitude and dedication to keeping things interesting by attempting new, crazy challenges. We’re extremely happy to welcome SevenS1ns to our organization and look forward to working with him – and the rest of our team – in the future to take speedrunning to a wider audience. “I am super excited to join beastcoast! My personal goals are taking speedrunning and entertainment to the next level, a task nigh impossible to complete on your own. With the like-minded people that we’ll be representing beastcoast with: the sky is the limit. I hope that one day we as beastcoast will be an inspiration to both established and up and coming streamers, showing that teamwork is invaluable in creating success!”