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Here Comes Crest!

After more than a year of designing, prototyping, and planning, we are so excited to announce that we are finally launching our Crest Plush! From the day we designed Crest with the help of our friend Marshmuu, our dream was to eventually bring them to life as a plush so everyone could have a piece of them to love. Marsh was able to translate all the unique characteristics we love in Crest’s design into an illustrated model that is huggable and lovable. Then, our amazing manufacturer was able to make Crest in fabric and fluff, exceeding our expectations for quality in every way! Everything from movable arms and feet that hang and swing when Crest is picked up, to embroidered details in the eyes and on the feet, we were able to include all the special qualities that make Crest, Crest.  

Crest means a lot to us at beastcoast, they represent love and acceptance, qualities we try to uphold as an organization. After an impossibly difficult year we hope Crest can bring a little bit of happiness and joy into your lives like they have for us!

To celebrate the launch of our Crest Plush we also designed a Star Player enamel pin and sticker. The entire capsule launch, celebrating our wonderful mascot, is available for preorder now! check it out at