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Founded on passion, grit, and a lack of sleep, beastcoast aims to operate as a player-oriented organization. We are guided by values learned from over a decade of experience in the esports scene. Our founders place their focus on a healthy relationship with the esports community, and helping our players grow their personal brands.

beastcoast will debut:

Smash Bros Melee: Mike Haze

One of Southern California’s most respected players, Mike “MikeHaze” Pulido is rapidly making his way through the top ranks of Super Smash Brothers Melee. Originally known as one of the best Marths in Brawl, Mike has since become a leader in the legion of highly technical Foxes dominating the Melee scene. His unique style of play has earned him tournament results across the nation. Mike is also an avid content creator, creating vlogs, music, and streaming regularly at

Smash 4: Mr. R

Undoubtedly the best European in Smash 4, Ramin “Mr. R” Delshad is known around the world for his revolutionary Sheik. With an unmatched degree of innovation, Mr. R has almost singlehandedly brought Sheik to the top of the Smash 4 tier list. Hailing from the historically Melee-strong region of The Netherlands, Mr. R is working to bring Europe’s scene to the global level. With his recent adoption of Cloud, R has cemented his place as one of the greatest tacticians in the game. You can check him out at

You can check out Mike and Mr. R competing under the beastcoast banner at EVO this coming Friday, be sure to check them out!

In the coming weeks and months, expect to see more announcements, as the beastcoast family grows to include more top contenders and exciting titles.