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Gtx post mortem

This event was arguably one of the most high-stakes events of the year, boasting a $100,000 grand prize; this large sum of cash made this the highest-paying Smash tournament in history.

In the Melee tournament pools, Mike Haze had a great weekend in both doubles and singles, managing to eliminate most of his opponents and finish reasonably well. On the singles side, Mike tore through his pools with ease before losing in the Top 48 qualifier to Shroomed and ultimately being eliminated by Plup in the Losers Bracket. Mike finished with a respectable 25th place in the singles tournament pool. The doubles tournament pool was also on the table for Mike; Mike and Renegade’s own Swedish Delight have been teaming for some time now, and their synergy and coordination with each other is more apparent than ever before. After going through pools and defeating Dizzkiddboogie and Druggedfox to make it into the Top 16, Mike and Swedish finished on an incredibly solid 9th place after being knocked into losers by Android and Armada and then beaten by Syrox and Westballz. This was a great weekend for Mike overall and, hopefully, with The Big House 7 this coming weekend, we can be sure to expect more outstanding Mike Haze goodness in the Melee scene.

Smash 4 was absolutely wild at GTX 2017. Mr. R took it upon himself to prove once again why he one of the best players in the world. In doubles, Ramin and FStep’s Mr.E teamed up for some high intensity action. It is worth noting that prior to these matches, Ramin posted multiple tweets on Twitter claiming that Roy is a good character. In typical “milk first” fashion, Ramin did not back down from these claims and played Roy in certain doubles sets alongside Mr.E’s Shiek and Mr.E’s Marth and Lucina. After easily getting through the bracket and defeating Larry Lurr and JK, Mr. E and Ramin made it into the Top 16, where they finished at 9th place, losing to the Kings of Doubles, Mkleo and Komorikiri, and then to MVD and Esam. Singles at GTX was a slam dunk for Mr.R. Ramin took his pools by storm, taking special care to body every single opponent, beating them 2-0 to make it into the Top 48 Winners Side. There, Ramin faced off in two incredibly close, nail-biting sets against the unstoppable Zero Suit Samus main Marss and then DarkShad, who had previously bested Zero himself early on in the singles bracket. Mr. R pushed on through, beating both of them 3-2 in very close-call situations. Ramin pulled through to Top 8 Winners bracket but unfortunately lost to MKLeo and Larry Lurr, placing him 5th overall for the Singles event.

This was an excellent weekend for our beastcoast smashers. With The Big House 7 coming up later today and plenty of Smash goodness on the way, we know that Mike and Ramin will continue to take names and win games. We’ve also got a special video coming up soon, so stay tuned!

-Aaron “Amaterasu” Scherr