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Eosin joins beastcoast

We’re pleased to announce that Steven “Eosin” Cheng will be joining beastcoast, and will represent us in the future as an Artifact player and streamer! Eosin has been involved in the Dota 2 scene for quite some time, most notably as a player for Zephyr, but has also worked as a caster. Now he’s setting his sights on a career in Artifact. He will participate in upcoming tournaments and hopes to become a resource for newcomers to get over Artifact’s steep learning curve when the game comes out of beta this month.

“My goal as an Artifact player is to build up a stream for entertainment and education on the game, while also competing at a high level. Joining beastcoast is a great opportunity for me, it helps a ton to have support and I’ve loved the brand since its inception. I’ve known some of the beastcoast folks for some time and that drives me to work towards success and represent the beastcoast brand proudly. Coming from a competitive Dota 2 background has helped me solidify the way I play and improve in Artifact, and streaming is also practicing in a way, something that wasn’t possible in Dota 2. Be sure to keep an eye out for me as I believe that I can be a very unpredictable player!”

Steven “Eosin” Cheng

Please give a warm welcome to Eosin as he joins the beastcoast family!

“We’re super excited to have Eosin join the team. We’re big TCG fans and we’re excited to watch Artifact become the next big esport. We’ve known Eosin since the early Zephyr Dota days and we’re confident he’ll be able to take Artifact to the next level. Let’s make waves!”

Grant “guac2x” Zinn, beastcoast CEO