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CarcinogenSDA joins the beastcoast stream team

Speedrunning games and getting a solid time is hard enough, but our newest addition to the beastcoast stream team isn’t content with merely finishing a game. Carci is committed to a new challenge: finishing every main series game in the Resident Evil series without taking a single hit. Speedrunning games since 2006, Carci is a multi-game speedrunner and Games Done Quick regular best known for his in-depth commentated runs of Resident Evil and Survival Horror games. Viewers love his goofy demeanor and occasional razor-sharp wit. Carci’s streams focus on world record speedruns, efficient implementation and breakdown of game mechanics, challenge runs, and in-depth commentary and analysis. After he completes his Resident Evil No Damage quest, his future endeavors include more RPG speedruns, and he plans to speedrun classic Nintendo titles. “My joy in Speedrunning and No Damage runs has always been to show people entertaining elements of the games I grew up with, and to learn about new ones along the way. Now that speedrunning is reaching a wider audience, I want to join forces with others to make and spread content that motivates people to learn about their favorite games, and possibly even try it themselves. It is an honor to join beastcoast to further this project for speedrun and esports fans alike.”