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Beastcoast Rainbow Six Transfers to Cloud9

Since our Rainbow Six Siege roster joined us in February, we’ve been able to accomplish some great things. From fighting our way through Challenger League, to our Pro League promotion, and our 5th place finish at our first LAN, Dreamhack Austin. We’re proud of everything the team has been able to accomplish, and we know they will continue to do great things at Cloud9. We were blown away by the amount of community support we received during our time in the first season of Challenger League, and we hope that fans of our roster will support Cloud9 with the same enthusiastic energy in their first season of Pro League. We’d like to thank you, the fans, for showing us how incredible Rainbow Six Siege is at the highest level.

“We’d like to thank the Rainbow Six Siege community and our new fans for welcoming us into the scene with open arms. We’ve loved how you’ve turned up for all of our matches and we know you’ll continue to extend the same support to Cloud9.”

Grant Zinn, beastcoast CEO and Founder

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