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Beastcoast is bringing on more Smash Ultimate Talent

Beastcoast is bringing on more Smash Ultimate Talent by signing Charles onto the team. Charles will be creating content and representing Beastcoast on the mic! We’ll also be bringing Charles on as a content and player manager for our FGC department.

Before joining Beastcoast, Charles has been a part of the Smash community since 2008 starting with competing in Brawl and Smash 4. After moving to California he was able to become a TO and commentator for 2GGaming. He also coached CLG VoiD then became the Smash coach for TSM coaching Tweek and Leffen. Charles continues his work as one of the best analytical Smash commentators. We are excited to work with Charles while supporting the Smash community.

Charles had this to say: I’ve been coaching top level Smash for over 7 years. I love it but I want to explore different avenues in esports. This is the perfect opportunity for me to continue commentating Smash while doing exactly what I want. I’m grateful for this opportunity and how much Beastcoast helps out the Smash scene

Twitter: @CharlesThoren_