Beastcoast Dota 2 Announcement

The stack formerly known as TeamTeam will play under beastcoast’s banner for the upcoming MDL major in Disneyland Paris®️ and beyond.

Before signing with beastcoast, TeamTeam achieved successes independently. They placed first in the North American Dota Challengers League Season Two, and the North American Dota Challengers League Premiere, Season Three. TeamTeam also placed first in the World Electronic Sports Games 2018 USA Finals. They secured fifth place at ESL One Mumbai and The Bucharest Minor.

The team’s captain, ixmike88 had this to say:

“We are proud to represent beastcoast as their first Dota 2 team. We are excited for this opportunity and grateful for the resources and support that has been provided to us. We look forward to a successful partnership and thank all our fans for their continued support.”

Our CEO had this to say:

“We’re very excited to have officially entered Dota 2It’s been one of my personal goals since founding beastcoast to play Dota 2 at the highest level. It means a lot to me personally to have such tremendous NA legends representing our brand and sponsors. We’re looking forward to welcoming the Dota fanbase with open arms.”

We can’t wait to make waves in the Dota 2 scene!