Beastcoast and Trovo announce a sponsorship

Beastcoast and Trovo announce a one-year sponsorship in an effort to develop the streaming platform in South America.

Trovo, the new streaming platform that has developed a market presence in the gaming community in South America, has teamed up with Beastcoast to continue to grow together in the South American scene. The Trovo company, part of the Tencent company is focused on becoming the main streaming platform in the region.

A partnership with Trovo is a huge step for any organization since Tencent is one of the most recognized brands worldwide in the gaming space. Beastcoast is excited to team up with, and help Trovo continue to build its’ brand in South America and are looking forward to the beginning of an effective and long-lived partnership.

We would like to thank the Beastcoast fans, who always accompany us on our journey and make these things possible. Welcome Trovo to the Beastcoast family!

See you at TI.

Beastcoast on Trovo