We now have maximum CORE support, it’s time to go bop some fools! Calebhart42 is the final streamer to join our team in this week of announcements. Caleb commands an impressive presence on Twitch where he plays a variety of games, such as Final Fantasy VII, the Mega Man X series, and occasionally Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. He began speedrunning Mega Man X in 2011 and hasn’t looked back. His hard work and determination have brought him to multiple GamesDoneQuick events as a commentator and a runner.

Caleb’s big muscles and equally big personality may be intimidating to some, but deep down he has a heart of gold and loves to joke around with his viewers despite the occasional moment of rage. However, Caleb is the epitome of focus when it’s time to get serious, which allowed him to achieve world record runs in the past. We’re extremely lucky to have Caleb and the rest of our incredible stream team joining us, and we look forward to working together to make waves!

“Beastcoast picking me up is proof that speedrunning is being looked at by esports teams and the market for it is growing. This team is an awesome crew and I am thankful to have been chosen. The staff are incredibly accommodating, making us feel like we are a real team and not just a band of baboons. I hope to see this team grow and become something for others to look up to.”