Beastcoast is pleased to announce a partnership with Todd Tomlin of Consummo Consulting, who will lead efforts to bring travel-related partnerships to beastcoast. Todd brings with him 10+ years in the travel industry with Expedia,, Hyatt Hotels & Resorts and TripGift.

“I’m beyond excited to open the world of esports to the travel industry. Beastcoast team members travel extensively worldwide for tournaments. It makes sense that we should seek out airline, hotel, online travel booking partners and others to support the team while bringing the excitement of beastcoast to those partners.” – Todd Tomlin

“We think that travel and esports are an obvious combination and we are extremely excited to have Todd joining us to put our best foot forward in the travel industry. Let’s make waves!” – Brian Anderson , beastcoast President

Stay tuned to see how Todd and beastcoast #makewaves!