We’ve always sought out the best talent and those who exemplify the beastcoast spirit. People who strive for excellence. Those that live to compete. Someone who wants to make waves. We believe that the Rainbow Six Siege roster formerly known as Reckless have all this and more. Please give a warm welcome to beastcoast’s new Rainbow Six roster:


🇺🇸 Sam “breezy” Lassila

🇨🇦 Davide “FoxA” Bucci

🇺🇸 Lauren “Goddess” Williams

🇺🇸 Matthew “zz” Legg

🇺🇸 Brandon “shlongii” Escamilla



Our new team will be competing in the upcoming season of the Rainbow Six Challenger League as they attempt to progress to the next tier of competition, the Rainbow Six Pro League. Reckless made a strong run in the most recent Six Invitational Qualifiers, coming second. Reckless also placed second in the Year Two, Season Three Challenger League. In 2018, the team’s members have their eyes set on qualifying for the eighth season of Pro League, which will start in June. Until then, keep your eyes peeled for our new team to compete in various Minors, which will include DreamHack’s tournament series. Davide will also be competing with Team Canada for the Rainbow Six Canadian Circuit LAN, which will take place on February 15 in Montreal.


“When I first spoke to Davide, I was immediately impressed by his focus and dedication. I don’t believe that a competitive mentality can be taught, it’s something that you have to discover within yourself. When I saw that, I knew I wanted to work with Reckless. I wanted to bring them into our organization so we could turn that competitive spirit into results and growth, both personally and professionally. We’re very excited to become part of the Rainbow Six community, and I’d like to thank the people on Ubisoft’s team for working with us on this process.”

Cameron “turbo” Regan, General Manager


“We’re extremely excited to have FoxA, zz, Shlongii, Goddess and breezy join beastcoast. Their rise through Challenger League last year was truly inspiring, and we hope to bring them to even greater heights this year with our eyes set on the Pro League. We’re also amped about bringing our beastcoast vibes to the Rainbow Six community. It’s time to make waves in a whole new title.”

Grant “guac2x” Zinn, CEO of beastcoast