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Putting focus on the players

Our goal is to provide an environment that emphasizes quality content, entertainment and community engagement while keeping the focus on the players overall well-being and happiness.

Beastcoast making waves!
Beastcoast making waves!

Meet the team!

We are a global brand, with remote staff around the world and offices in Indianapolis, NYC, Lima, and Las Vegas.


Profile photo of Grant Zinn
Grant Zinn
Co-CEO and Founder
Profile photo of Brian Anderson
Brian Anderson


Profile photo of Paige Cameron
Paige Cameron
Brand Director
Profile photo of Bella Zinn
Bella Zinn
Graphic Design


Profile photo of David Deng
David Deng
Video Editor
Profile photo of Andrew Caviston
Andrew Caviston
Content Director
Profile photo of Rebaz Talei
Rebaz Talei
Video Editor
Profile photo of Tim Kimbirk
Tim Kimbirk
Content Development Lead
Profile photo of Charles Thoren
Charles Thoren
Content Lead
Profile photo of Kevin Ding
Kevin Ding
Content Lead

Social Media

Profile photo of Michelle Santana
Michelle Santana
Social Media Manager
Profile photo of Tom Shilliday
Tom Shilliday
Social Media Statistics
Profile photo of Alex Poehlman
Alex Poehlman
Social Media Manager


Profile photo of Alejandro Moral
Alejandro Moral
Regional Director for South America
Profile photo of Collin Chung
Collin Chung


Profile photo of Colin Bashor
Colin Bashor
General Manager
Profile photo of Brendan Benedict
Brendan Benedict
FGC and Streamers Manager
Profile photo of Vitoria Otero
Vitoria Otero
Dota 2 Team Manager